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food for thought. not crediting and it’s consequences

when i started my blog, i decided that i would only post images that i found from the original source so that i would always be able to give credit. i’ve seen the drama unfold too many times to get sucked into it.

with so many new bjd blogs popping up every day, i’ve noticed something: not every post links to the source of the photo.

i know the common response is: why not? it’s common courtesy. you should do it. those who don’t are ignorant assholes wanting to steal another person’s work. 

and, after seeing so many posts go up in flames over this issue, it got me to thinking…

—- t.l.d.r. —-

can we please just all get along? if you see a picture/story blogged without credit, try to alert the poster of where the original came from. unfortunately, with all of the sources to get images from (photobucket, google, we<3it, other tumblrs…), a person may not be able to find where the original image came from. it’s our duty to educate, not to needlessly chew off a person’s head for not having knowledge. 

—- /end t.l.d.r. —-

i can’t tell you how many blogs (even those not bjd related) don’t link to a source. and it’s annoying for those who don’t even care about the moral reasons, especially if you want to know who is in a picture, who took the shot, who drew the art because obviously, if you like it, you want to see more. i admit that i get more than ticked off trying to track down the original source on blogs like this. are they too lazy to get the model’s name, what about the photographer? 

but are we too quick to judge? should we assume that everyone is out to harm us?

recently, i dealt with my own encounter of having a picture of my doll “stolen”. it was blogged without credit or details. and while initially i felt upset, i sent the blog owner a polite contact saying that i was happy they liked my picture and asked them to please credit my deviant art (no, the picture was not available exclusively from there, but that is the only site i have including my full gallery).

it took about two days, but they got back to me, and you know what? credit was given. and the stranger thing: the person thanked me for being nice because they didn’t realize that it was that important. i’ve been watching their blog, and i’ve seen that their crediting has vastly improved. if they don’t know the source, they ask for it and put it up when someone recognizes it in the comments.

no, not everyone is nice, but why should we bitch and whine about it instead of trying to be nice first? not everyone is out to get you. not everyone is trying to hurt you or tear you down. some people just do not understand the repercussions of their actions. if the person is rude after contacting, then i honestly have no problem tearing them down. but i would rather assume a rude person innocent than a nice person guilty because they don’t understand.

you would reprimand a child for stealing, but you can’t reprimand until you explain what it entails and tell them not to do it. 

[eta: i am not defending people who post artwork without credit. stealing is never okay. credit should always be given, and original owners of artwork have the right to ask for something to be taken down at any time. i am just pointing out that more often than not, we tend to be just as bad as them because we feel “justified” to be rude because “they started it”, and really? do we want to be on their level?]

—- extra —-

if you would like to drop me a message with your thoughts on this subject, how you’ve dealt with seeing your work posted without credit, or if you’ve been the one who hasn’t credited: please share your experiences! did you treat the other party harshly or were you coldly polite? did you try to be friendly only to have it thrown back in your face? did a certain experience make you want to be nice or mean about responding to a non-creditor or the person who contacted you? i would really love to know how others have handled this situation and why you chose to do what you did.

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